Your home is often your biggest asset and one of the most significant financial transactions you'll ever make. Understandably, you would want to benefit the most from your investment and sell it for the best price with the most favorable terms. But there is so much more to selling a home than just placing a "For Sale" sign in the front yard. House preparation, marketing, and contract negotiation are only a few details that go into selling a home. When working with Igor, he will guide you through every step to achieve your selling goals. He will partner with you from the moment you decide it's time to sell your home to the day you turn over the keys.


When it comes to working with clients who are looking to sell a property, Igor utilizes a two-step approach. First, he will meet you preferably at the home you will be selling. During your conversation he will get to know you and your needs. He will discuss the home-selling process with you and ask questions about your home and goals. Then he will tour the house and make notes of every unique feature and detail around the home.

Next, Igor will create a custom selling package for you. It will include a detailed outline of the pre-listing preparation recommended for your home, complete with timing and cost estimates.

Igor will suggest the most financially beneficial repairs and updates that may need to be made before listing your home for sale.


After all the preparations are done, Igor will conduct a complete market analysis, which typically includes pre-viewing other homes listed for sale and closely examining the most recent statistics and market data. Together, you will decide on the pricing, listing launch date, and other specifics of your listing that work best for you.


Igor could connect you with vendors who can get all the updates done. However, if your unique situation dictates it, Igor and his team could manage the entire project - from requesting contractors' bids to the staging's final touches. One constant is that the burden of project management will not fall on you! Getting your home to its "parade-ready" condition may include several steps and vendors. Repairs, updates, strategic staging, and professional photography can help your home show to its best advantage and make the best features of your home shine through. Homes that show beautifully sell faster and typically with a more significant profit. Igor's white-glove service Vendor Agreement ensures that every detail will be handled. His team takes care of everything; all you have to do is hand over the keys!


Once all the work is done and your home is ready, it is time to go "live”. Igor's customized digital and social media marketing campaigns, high-quality printed and video materials, and signage will show your home in its best light. Also, he leverages his vast network to ensure your home connects with a broad audience and gives your home maximum exposure.


After you have accepted an offer on your home, Igor and his team pay close attention to every deadline and every condition of the contract. Igor ensures that every involved party – buyers' agent, lenders, escrow, title, etc. is up to date on all the pertinent information and keeps on track to smooth closing.

Igor continues serving his clients long after the transaction has closed and the keys are handed over. He will remain your trusted source of information about anything real estate-related and even help you find your next home. If it happens to be in a different state, Igor will connect you with a trusted real estate professional from his vast nationwide network of qualified real estate agents.

Igor believes in building long-lasting relationships with his clients, who often become friends. Being his client means inviting you to his annual community events and client appreciation parties.

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